>> Studies will be added to the conference program as registrations are made. If your work is not included in the program even though you have registered, notify it to e-mail address, please.

>> Participants who will participate in face-to-face presentations must register at the registration desk on Wednesday, September 2, 2024, between 09:30 and 12:00 AM.

>> If your work is full text, please send the Word (.DOCx) version to the e-mail address for publishing Proceeding book.

>> Participation certificates will be sent via e-mail by the chairperson after the session for face-to-face presentations, and one week after the end of the conference for online (virtual) presentations.

>> The duration for face-to-face presentations is 15 minutes, for online presentations it is 10 minutes. Online presentations will be made through the Microsoft Teams program.

>> Please click for the conference location...

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